World Of Cheese – Amazing Colorful Android Game

World Of Cheese an android game that you’d love to play daily on your smartphone. This game offers much more than other android games which you have been playing for a while on your smartphone. I’ll welcome you to a world of cheese, where you’ll meet Mr. Mousey, a unique member from the huge mice family who is under high starvation. The game World Of Cheese goes around Mr.Mousey and his bad times which leads him to various adventures in this game to get the cheese pieces hidden inside the house. This is an easy to play game with just point-and-click or you can also rather point-and-tap. You can easily pass the time by playing this game when you get bored or while traveling outside. All the 35 different levels are bit tricky and amazing cartoons.

World Of Cheese

World of Cheese is full of exciting cartoon characters and stunning graphics which will surely make you and you’re friends addicted towards this game. There is also lots to learn from this game as you play on and go crossing level by level you’ll come across various things where you have to apply your brain and it will refresh you’re math and logical skills.

To play and win this game is to get Mr. Mousey as many cheese pieces as you can after completing all the 35 levels in this game, you only need to have little bit of creative and logical thinking to crack this game and make Mr. Mousey much more happier than he is. This game World of Cheese main purpose is to make you enjoy and have fun while playing this game but at the same time you should be able to learn little about geography, maths  and to grow your logical thinking power. This game is developed by leading a game developing company AldaGames and they will also be soon releasing this game for iOS devices so that you’re friends who use iOS can also enjoy this awesome game on their mobile.

Some of the key highlights of this game are

  • 35 adventures Levels with great & catchy music.
  • 7 different venues and locations to play around
  • Original logic puzzles to improve Logical ability.
  • Cute stunning cartoon graphics.
  • Mysterious house with full of adventures.
  • Easy to control, just point-and-click (or rather point-and-tap).
  • This is family oriented game, anyone can play and pass the time.

This game is absolutely free and you no need to pay even a single penny to play all the levels of this game. So what are you waiting for? Just go click the below download link and install this awesome game on your android smartphone and have fun 🙂

Download World Of Cheese Android Game Here

Here are the some of the amazing screenshots of this game:-








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