Five Methods to View PowerPoint on Any Android Devices

By far, Android is the most used operating system on hand held devices such as mobiles,smartphones and tablets. While on one hand, iOS has been used on only a handful few devices of Apple like iPad 2, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch, Android has been used as the operating system in thousands of devices worldwide and has been incorporated by leading companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and many more. Now if you are a business executive and often feel that the time you waste in traveling and commuting, which you could have otherwise invested for creating, editing and proofreading an important presentation for work, you must also feel that it would have been a great help if you could have managed to do all of these on your mobile device. This article will provide you five methods to view PowerPoint on any Android smartphone whatsoever.

# 1: Use Android Apps

The Android market for applications is probably the first solution that will come to your mind. It is quite justifiable as well. The Android market has a huge collection of powerful and practical applications. The best options for Android applications for PowerPoint are Quick Office, Office Suite, Documents to Go and ThinkFree Office. However, some of the effects like animations and transitions may be lost in the process.

#2: View PowerPoint Online

Android smartphones provide the user with extraordinary abilities of web browsing. At the same time, there are several websites that provide you the scope to upload your PowerPoint presentation so that your friends can view it as well. Such websites include, and Thus, you can view PowerPoint online.

#3: View the PowerPoint as images

This is one of the easiest ways of viewing PowerPoint on any Android device. Since pictures are supported on any smartphones, and Android being no exception, you can easily save all your PowerPoint slides as pictures that you can view on your Android device. To do this, you will have to create a new folder for each PowerPoint file. Then you have to rename each slide according to the numbers, so that the output pictures are in order as well. Now all you have to do is select “Save As” and click on “Other Formats”. Save your slides as JPEG or any other image format you want and click “Save”. Lastly, you will be asked if you want to export all the slides, where you have to select “Every Slide”.

#4: Convert the PowerPoint to Video

This is the only way to keep all the effects of your PowerPoint presentation intact. These effects may include fonts, animations, languages, transitions, background music, video clips and everything else. Additionally, a Smartphone with a fast processor and a large screen will also ensure a fulfilling experience.

#5: View the PowerPoint as a PDF File

Saving your PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file is often a good choice if you want to view your PowerPoint presentation and send it to others. Saving it as a PDF file will restrict any kind of unauthorized editing by anyone.

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