Viber Launch Latest App For Android

Multi-format message app Viber has announced its biggest service overhaul to date, introducing new versions of its app for Android, iOS and desktop.

According to reports in Engadget, the new suite of Viber apps combines the launch of the first desktop interface for the service with a refresh of the existing feel and functionality designed to improve the user experience.

Viber is used by some 200 million smartphone users worldwide as a free platform for sending messages across a range of formats. Users can send text, images, audio and other files across the service from mobile to mobile.

With the latest version of the app, users can now share video messages more effectively, while benefiting from clearer calls thanks to an innovative new voice engine. The interface has been redesigned to make the app more user-friendly, and the technologies improved to ensure it remains relevant in the VOIP app space.

iPhoneViber works by enabling its users to communicate over the Internet to send a range of multi-media messages. Linked to the mobile numbers of its users, the app instantly populates the user’s contact book with Viber details for friends and family that also use the service, creating a viral element that has proved instrumental to the app.

Since its release at the end of 2010, the app has grown to rival industry-leader Skype. The new version of the app has been created to reshape the experience ahead of a further planned expansion of user numbers.

Skype currently has the edge, with almost three times the user base of Viber. But given the severity of Viber’s growth curve in recent years, it looks to be a justifiable cause for concern for Skype executives. Aiming to capitalize initially on the mobile market, Viber’s move into desktop applications is expected to introduce further competitive pressures into the market.

Viber was created by Talmon Marco, a computer science graduate of Tel Aviv University. At present, the service is available completely free of charge, and there are no revenue streams built in to the model at this stage, similar to many other tech start-ups.

Start-ups are often relying on companies such as Simplikate Systems, a mobile app developer based in Florida, to build out apps across multiple platforms. With start-ups often looking to go after two or three platforms from their launch, it is difficult and expensive to hire the right internal expertise.

Instant messaging apps provide a lower cost way for smartphone users to chat and connect. Messaging apps like Viber and WhatsApp have swept through mobile handsets worldwide since their release, reflecting the growing trend towards mobile instant messaging. Viber is available to download for free from the respective app stores for the handsets it supports.

Currently available for Android and iOS compatible models only, the app is in development for Blackberry and RIM’s new operating system, as well as for the Windows Phone 8. Analysts predict the app could be available for Blackberry and Windows Phone in the coming months.

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