Track Your GPS location via Phone

Thousands of smartphone owners all over the globe have the wrong concept about GPS mobile tracking. The real irony lies in the fact that most of our GPS-enabled devices cannot even

be tracked by GPS once we lose them.

To understand why most of the GPS devices cannot be tracked, we need to distinguish between location and tracking.

Most smartphones in the market today have GPS chips embedded into their architecture. Their main purpose, as we already know, is to assist us to navigate from one place to the other, and this is what constitutes location.

Tracking is an entirely different thing. Ankle bracelets that are shackled on parolees also use GPS to track the location of the parolees. The difference, however, is that these bracelets are also optimized for tracking so that the movement of the parolee is monitored.

On the bright side, new mobile devices may be coming with tracking capabilities as well. The NPD Group reported that over 5 million personal navigation gadgets were sold in the U.S alone. Additionally, the FBI has also reported a 12% increase in theft of portable navigation devices over the last few years, and this may compel smartphone manufacturers to create phones that can be tracked.

Though it may take some time before all smartphones are capable of tracking, app developers have made it possible for smartphone users to track their cellphones.

iPhone, for instance, has come up with an effective way of tracking almost all iPhone smartphones. All that is required is for a smartphone owner to sign up for a free iCloud account after which he/she will be eligible for the “Find My iPhone service”. This service allows you to track your iPhone in real-time even if you haven’t lost your cellphone.

While Android phones do not have a similar cloud, many apps exist that can turn regular smartphones into GPS trackers. GPS Tracking Pro is one such app that allows you to keep track of your phone as well as those of your family members and friends. On the downside, tracking apps can always be wiped away when a phone is restored to factory settings.

Despite this, you can opt to look for a cellular network service that guarantees GPS tracking for your phone. AT&T, for instance, offers a paid service called FamilyMap which allows you to track your family members wherever they are.

Simple settings on your mobile device can also turn it from a mere receiver into a transmitter. Since most cellphones only receive location information from satellites, they are only able to show you your current location. Nevertheless, you can instruct your device to collect and transmit its location after a set period of time.

The type of smartphone that you settle on will also dictate how well you can track it. iPhone smartphones are well known for having the best tracking features besides having the common features that nearly all smartphones have.

All in all, tracking GPS location using your phone can be an easy process depending on your intended purpose. If all you want is to get from point A to point B, nearly all smartphones can help you with that. Moreover, if you want to track your family or friends, you will be forced to look for GPS tracking software.

Lewis Jacobs is a technology enthusiast, full-time blogger, and part-time computer repair guy. He blogs about technology for HughesNet.

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