Top 5 Android Games For 2014

We’ve written before about many of the outstanding gaming experiences available for Android gaming. And with new games being developed and released constantly, there is always something new to try! So far in 2014 we’ve already seen the release of some excellent new gaming apps. On top of that, there are even a few older ones that are well worth re-visiting.

Here is a list of the top 5 Android games to try out for 2014.

#1 – Mines Of Mars

This $4.99 app from Crescent Moon Games just came out in mid-April, and offers an appealing new twist on mining and world-building games. More Metroid than Minecraft, Mines Of Mars plops you down in an alien environment (on Mars, of course), and invites you to explore the terrain and mine for material, all the while building up structures and defending yourself from a host of different enemies. It’s unlike much else on the app market these days and offers the creativity and strategy of a world building game with the action, weaponry and excitement of an arcade adventure. Throw in gorgeous graphics and great length of play, and it’s a must try for 2014.

#2 – The Room Two

This sequel from Fireproof Games is available for $1.40 in the Google Play app store and is worth every penny. Like its predecessor before it, The Room Two offers up beauty, mystery, and an atmosphere that is simply unmatched in app gaming. The game essentially asks you to solve a series of puzzles, boxes, “rooms” and riddles, taking you through a creepy but addictive adventure in pursuit of powers you don’t yet understand. Playing The Room Two is almost like watching great film, or reading a great book—and every bit as enjoyable.
The Room 2

#3 – Threes

Now available in the Google Play store for $1.99. Threes is great for anyone who likes a mental challenge with a game. It’s a little bit hard to understand until you actually give it a shot, but basically the idea is to mash numbered blocks together to add their totals together, and to keep doing so as new tiles fill up the screen. The game looks appealing, and there’s a slightly goofy element to it as the numbered tiles have their own voices, but it’s actually a great challenge, and one you can play over and over again. As iMore notes, Threes is what every indie gaming app should be like!


#4 – Partypoker Mobile

The mobile app from Partypoker isn’t new for Android, but it’s one that could very well be trending in 2014 if and when a few more states legalize online gambling. Available for download through the Partypoker site (once you allow for downloads from unknown sources in Settings), it essentially brings you the most realistic and thorough online poker experience on a mobile device. Lacking the cartoonish quality of so many poker apps, this is one for the real players, allowing you to make an account and compete with other live players. It’s a great learning tool as well, given that you can step to the tables with “play money” or (where legal) actual cash.


#5 – Ridiculous Fishing

Another app that isn’t necessarily new, this indie game from Vlambeer was a sensation in 2013, and made its way to the Google Play store in early January. Ridiculous Fishing is renowned for its artistic design and lovable sounds, employing old-school themes resembling 8-bit games from the past. However, gameplay too is addictive and enjoyable. The idea is to cast your fishing line as deep as possible by avoiding fish on the way down, and then, when you’ve reached your depth, hook as many as possible on the way back up. Finding new fish and collecting on your catches gets you more money, through which you can buy new perks and equipment. The downside is that the whole game is a little short, but it’s well worth the $2.99 price, and it’s playable long after you “beat” the game.


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