Swiftkey3 : The Smartest Touchscreen Keyboard App for Android

If you are looking for the best time-saving app to keep track of all your stuff, Swiftkey3 Keyboard is here. Swiftkey3 is an app which shines on Play Store as one of the top keyboard apps and the only app which can unlock your typing potential. Sounds brilliant! Let’s see what’s new in this new version of this popular Keyboard app.

Swiftkey3 : Keyboard

The very first and most important thing about this app is it is free to download. Any Android user can download this app just by visiting the app store. “It’s not only a Keyboard, it’s an addictive keyboard”. Many of the users of this amazing app agree. Still want to know more? There are numerous, amazing features that are the reasons behind its popularity. Swiftkey 3 is available as a free trial version for all the Android users.


Swiftkey 3 is one of the best selling app from Android and has received more than 60,000 five star ratings from its users. That speaks louder than words. Swiftkey 3 is the top selling app and it’s in the number one spot in more than 38 countries. The amount of users and the apps popularity are getting higher day by day.

Swiftkey 3 is there to make your work easier. It will give you an all new kind of environment for typing up your important stuff. There are a bunch of features for selecting key boards in this app. You can choose your appropriate keyboard which is more relevant to you. There is a feature for changing the keyboard color, typing manners and a lot more. Plus you are allowed to type in any language that you want to. There are more than 50 languages available with this keyboard app. Isn’t that amazing?

Swiftkey 3 is there to save all your information and that information will show up while you are typing other things. So, after saving something, you won’t need to retype those words ever again because you can just tap on to the appropriate spot. Easy to use!

Swiftkey 3 has some more additional features which make this app unique from the others. Swiftkey 3 has a very talented smart space feature. This feature will keep track of the way you typing. If you have missed a space between two words, this feature will keep them separate with a space. Plus there are numerous themes with different colors and looks. You can change up the theme every minute, hour or day. It will give you a new user experience every time.

Swiftkey3 is an award winning, number one selling app on Google play and the best thing in this app is available in over 50 languages. The best reason why you should use this app is it has received more than 60K user ratings and its popularity is astounding. So there is no doubt that this app is great!

If you are an Android user you do not have any excuses not to install this app on your android device.

If you are still in doubt or have any kind of other query, you can simply watch this above video. Kindly check it out and get ready to use Swiftkey 3: Keyboard

Download Swifkey 3 App here

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