Show your knowledge with the Trivia Crack app!

Battle against friends and family with the Trivia Crack app and find out who is the smartest! The app is a trivia game where you need to answer questions from six different categories: history, art, science, amusement, geographics and sports. Spin the wheel and make sure to answer correctly to win the game! However, knowledge is not enough to win this game. You also need to play strategically by stealing your opponent’s characters when the time is there. What are you waiting for? Challenge someone and show them how much you know!

image1How does Trivia Crack work?

The first time you open the app, you either need to log in via Facebook or need to create a new account. I always log in on apps with my Facebook profile, it’s just really easy. Plus when you log in with Facebook, you can find all your connections who also use this app. After logging in the first time, you get a number of instructions. I rather learn while playing so I’ve skipped those, though they can be very useful. Now you can start playing the game.

image2How do I Play Trivia Crack?

Start a new game and select your language, game mode and opponent. You can choose someone you know as your opponent or let the app search for an unknown player to battle. When you want to play against someone you know, just select that person from your Facebook friends (when logged in with your profile) or type in their username. Once you have selected your opponent, the game starts. Spin the wheel and let it decide from which category you will get your question. After three correct answers you get the opportunity to play for a character or to challenge your opponent to a duel. This way you get the chance to steal one of their characters. When the wheel lands on the image of a crown, you do not have to answer any question but immediately get the chance to play or duel for a character. Did you collect the six characters before your opponent did? Then you are the winner of the game!

Do I want to download this app?

Yes, you do! You won’t get enough of this addictive game. And it is not only a fun game to play but also very educational – you will learn a lot about the different subjects. It is even possible to cooperate on the further development of the game by sending in trivia questions, criticize submitted questions or translate them.

image3The ad-free app costs $2.99 With this app you can play without the interruption of those annoying commercials and ads. You can buy this app with a credit card, PayPal or a Google Play Gift Card from

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