Save your dollars with the Android Smartphone apps – Stay stylish and frugal at the same time

Are you getting paranoid about saving money in 2013? Are you looking for ways in which you can save your dollars through your Android Smart phone that you’ve recently bought? If your answer is yes, you need not fret as there are some special smart applications that can help you realize your dream of saving money through your brand new Smart phone. Your new Galaxy might have cost you huge amount of money but when you install some of the money-saving apps, you can make this phone work to save your dollars in the long run. Are you too eager to know the money-saving apps? If answered yes, read on the concerns of this article.Here are the Best Money Saving Apps For Your Android Smartphone

Red Laser

  1. Red Laser: This particular application is available on the iPhone and Android and allows all the users to scan the bar code of each item so that you can compare and contrast the costs that are being offered by the other on line websites. When you have your Smart phone with you and you compare the rates while you’re still present in the store, you may even show proof to the manager and tell him that he is offering a high price than the other stores.
  2. Eyeona: It often happens with most of the consumers that they buy something with a dear price and the next day it goes on sale. You can avoid this if you have this particular application called Eyeona installed in your Android Smart phone. As soon as you make a purchase you can immediately take a picture of the receipt using the Smart phone and this particular application will store it and let you know whether or not the item goes on sale. If it goes on sale, you can easily head back to the shop and be credited for the difference between the amount that you paid and the sales price.
  3. Gas Buddy: The price of gas is always expensive and with this application you can easily type your Zip Code and it will immediately offer you the addresses of the gas stations that offer cheapest gas in your area. There are different users who post the prices of each gas station and this way you can save your dollars through your Android or iPhone.
  4. Locavore: The food that you get from the market is usually cheaper than what you get in the supermarket. When you use this particular application, it will help you find the nearest farmer market and it will also give you information on the foods that are produced during this season and their availability through your Smart phones.

Therefore, when you’re trying to look for ways in which you can remain frugal through your brand new Smartphone, you shouldn’t miss installing the above mentioned applications. Use your phone in the best way possible so as to save your dollars and also remain frugal at the same time.If you know or come across other best money saving apps do let us know in the comments.So that we can update the list.

This post is written by PrIyAnGsHu from The Internet Buzzer and Know Tech Better

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