How to Recover Deleted Messages, Contacts from Android Phone

Nowadays, many people upgrade their mobile phone very often. It forms a special old mobile phone market in remote rural area. Merchants collected the old electronics parts and devices and retreaded by polishing, refining and repacking before selling to less-developed areas. All of preset data in these retreaded mobile preformatted by engineers after they recycle the old mobile phone from the city. Mobile providers offer such format ability to people in order to allow them reshuffling the contents in mobile phones. Contacts loss happens unexpectedly. And many Android users are eager to recover our deleted contacts, because sometimes we do not do a backup. What do we do? It is fact that formatting is the useful function for mobile phone users, which as well brings many problems for those who are not familiar with it. How to recover deleted messages, contacts from Android phone when it happened to you?

Coolmuster Android Data Recovery may help you a lot to recover contacts from Android phone or SIM Card. It is a program with human-based designs which is quick and easy to use. And the software support many Android devices such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony. Generally speaking, not everyone understands how to use this function as intelligent as IT professionals although all of them need it. Many people know formatting during special experiences such as deletion.


Coolmuster Android Data Recovery and Coolmuster Android SMS Recovery are excellent tools used for data recovery. Text message is one of the retrievable types. Besides, most Android devices are supported. Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola, to name a few.

Contacts: Information you have recorded—names, number and email.

Messages: The contents and the date when you sent or received them.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp messages and attachments, like photos.

Note: SMS, contacts, WhatsApp, pictures, videos and other files are available in memory cards; while photos, videos, music and many others in SD card.

An example is that the guy responding wrongly when he playing games and answering the small box makes format all documents in his Android phone including messages and contacts. Some mobile documents lost and some cannot be edited. Worse, he even cannot open the backup of Android phone messages and contacts. He really needs to recovery all before returns to normal life. It is not sure how many people, like this guy, with the wrong operations, unexpectedly lost their valuable Android mobile phone messages and contacts. He knows there is nothing worse but data lost. He decides wisely not to use mobile phone any more until mobile data is retrieved.


Actually, you will feel released so much after you complete all processing of downloading, installing and recovering within very short time. The impact of ‘Hard in the beginning’ would indeed be psychological. In fact, it is most common software that offers basic function for users’ daily use. But in practical, many people are lazy in reminding to install this very useful helper on their computer unless they encounter emergency data lost situation. I suppose it is the same everywhere. When we do not need one thing urgently, we are not willing to bother anyone or anything unless it is necessary. Now, do you feel if it is necessary for you? Not only for you, but also for every Android phone user, it is one of the indispensable components like office software in your routine work. Now, you know well that the program’s name is Coolmuster Android Data Recovery. As the programs name indicated, the role of the ‘doctor’ is to help you get back what you want. To recovery lost data, messages, contacts, Coolmsuter Android Data Recovery will be your best choice to restore deleted text messages on Android phone without damaging your device.

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