Online Tournaments to Hit the Jackpot

Everyone likes a little flutter. It’s a bit of fun. They used to say that everyone put something on the Grand National, arguably the most difficult horse race in the world to predict. The huge amounts of money wagered was because of the numbers of people who had that little flutter despite not bothering to follow the horses for the rest of the year.

National and international lotteries have also become popular with the dream of a first prize in the millions, enough to prize a coin out of the purse. ‘If you’re not in it you can’t win it’ is logic enough to try.

Internet opportunities

The Internet is another place where the dream of money has led to a huge number of people becoming members of websites that offer riches; websites such as Pokerstars allow people to play cards every hour of the day because the World Wide Web never sleeps.  Players can do it for fun or they can also play to try to win everything from a small amount of money to the real jackpot.

In order to play for a real jackpot well in excess of seven figures, you have to be prepared to pay a stake that is perhaps a little high for the casual player – but nevertheless, the excitement and the potential for riches has proved irresistible.


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Tournament play

Such weekly tournaments have a huge pot with multiple winners. There is a minimum guaranteed pot because no one is to know each week how many players will decide to compete. Suffice to say, the pot is generally many times that minimum.

There are tournaments such as the World Series of Poker where professionals play for high stakes; there is an online equivalent, a World Championship, and the fact that the Internet is 24/7 is a huge plus for running such a thing. Last year’s Champion picked up $2.2m.

The motive of online sites is to involve the maximum number of people to create an ongoing loyal audience. They realise that to do this, they cannot expect everyone to pay a high entrance fee, so there are different promotions allowing the recreational players, which are the vast majority, to join without needing to pay too much money. Even a small win in a tournament is very welcome, and the pleasure is worth far more to the individual than the monetary value.


When it comes to joining such a tournament, it is important to be realistic. The largest entry to date is well over 50,000! You need to refine your skills in the face of competition, but there is plenty of opportunity to do so without risking your money. There is plenty of online help to explain the rules and provide sample hands to demonstrate the games. You can even go into the statistical side of the games if you feel you can use the information to good effect.

The best advice is to go at your own pace; learn the games in the comfort of your front room and take it from there. Good luck!

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