Nvidia Phoenix Tegra 4i Super Phone Features

Nvidia has announced its latest product reference phone Phoenix Tegra 4i Super Phone at Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2013.This super phone has got so much to offer from bigger display to high performance core processor and chipset.Nvidia has just called it as a reference phone but its surely gonna change the way future smartphones are made by the smartphone makers with high performance and power saving core.Nvidia was showing the demo of reference phone at MWC with graphics prowess of the both chips side-by-side Tegra 4i and the unnamed Tegra 4 tablet which provides amazing extra visual effects in specially optimized games.Nvidia has made all the possible things to make Tegra 4i an much powerful processor than the other members of Tegra family.


Nvidia has announced these smartphones with processors namely Tegra 4/Tegra 4i to supercharge the whole smartphone manufacturing industries to make the future of smartphones more brighter and to deliver excellent user experience .These processors Tegra 4 and Tegra 4i can perform twice as fast as the existing Tegra 3 processor.Nvidia Phoenix Tegra 4i this device has the power to perform much better than its current Tegra family memebers and it also comes with power saving core which saves battery life of the reference phone.Some of the key features of “Phoenix” Tegra 4i reference phone are  5 inch Display,13 Megapixel primary camera,integrated 4G LTE connectivity,four 28nm Cortex-A9 r4 cores with the clock speed of 2.3GHz with 1080p HD video recording.

tegra 4

The availability and pricing of this reference phone Nvidia Phoenix Tegra 4i has not been revealed by the company yet.We expect this reference phone to be soon launched in the World Market.We will keep you updated on this when futher details are revealed by the company.

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