Nintendo Officially Bringing Games to Mobile Devices

In a move that aims to increase revenue, and therefore satisfy the needs of investors, gaming giant Nintendo announced that they’re officially entering the mobile gaming market. The news arrived this past Tuesday, March 17 as part of a joint press conference with mobile company DeNA, who will work alongside Nintendo in developing the titles. As reported here, investors have been anticipating this move for years following the company’s failures to match the hardware sales of competitors Microsoft and Sony. Not only that, but more people are taking to their smart devices, be they phones or tablets, to play games. These changes in the market finally influenced Nintendo to embrace mobile.

The thing is, the next step for Nintendo remains a mystery—for the time being, at least. President Satoru Iwata did say that we shouldn’t expect a “hand-me-down” version of a console game, but that only means we won’t be playing, say, Mario Kart on an Android device. A Super Mario-themed app, however, does not seem out of the question—and it will apparently arrive at some point this year. Iwata told reporters at a question-and-answer event that we will see “some sort of output within this year.” What that will be exactly is obviously up to Nintendo and DeNA, the latter of whom stated that they believe they’ll reach 100 million active users in the vein of the biggest mobile games out there, such as Candy Crush Saga and Clash of Clans. That amount seems a bit overzealous, but it could also be as a total number of active users across a number of games, which is much more reasonable. 630x

Where Could Nintendo Go Next?

By opening the door to mobile gaming, there are plenty of other profitable avenues that Nintendo could (and certainly should) explore to further increase their revenue stream. They already have plenty of merchandise, so that’s out of the question, but what about opening the door to other forms of gaming? Namely, there’s the online gaming sect that has found success by working with a number of brands to attract new users with an interest in specific characters, films, etc. As demonstrated here, online platform Betfair hosts a number of TV, film, and comic book-themed games that feature characters from the Marvel Comics universe, programs such as Britain’s Got Talent, and more. What’s stopping Nintendo, then, from entering this sector? It only seems like a matter of time, really.

Likewise, if they had to, Nintendo could always opt for developing games as a third-party. Now, that would basically show that they have no more faith in their own consoles and handheld devices, and it’s likely that the big N will not lose said faith for years to come. After all, there are rumors out there regarding their next hardware that would serve as the followup to the 3DS or Wii U. With that in mind, don’t expect them to go the third-party route just yet—or ever, really—but it’s definitely something for the company to consider should things ever get to that point.

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