Crime is an eerie thing.  When we walk down the streets at night we are usually cautious of our surroundings.  We recognize the risk of becoming a victim of a mugging, carjacking or even worse.  We try to avoid dangerous situations and we clutch our bags and purses securely when we are in a crowded and/or potentially vulnerable position.

Criminals do not always attack us face to face.  They may launch an attack online that will force you to take actions to fix your online reputation.  No matter where you live anyone can become a victim of this type of crime. While we may not know how criminals work their vile deeds, we have enough knowledge to try to reduce the risk of danger.

Internet crime has been on the rise in many forms.  We have been made aware of the potential of identity theft and scams designed to relieve us of our hard earned money and good name.  But the crime that we need to be cautious of is not identity thieves; rather, identity destroyers.

These people are working hard to damage our reputation and destroy our credibility.  They work behind the scenes and hide behind IP addresses so that they can damage a reputation with just a few quick clicks on their keyboard and you would never be the wiser.  Once you discover your Internet image has been tarnished you need to start immediately to fix your online reputation.


How does it start?

It may start innocently enough.  Perhaps it is an unhappy customer who feels as though he or she didn’t get the service or quality of product they deserved.  Or maybe it was someone who heard something negative about you personally and wanted to vent.  In the past these people could have only reached a few listening ears. However, with the Internet in millions of homes and businesses around the world, one negative comment no matter how unfair can reach millions.  The result can cause serious harm to an individual’s or a business’ online reputation.

How to stop it?

When you set out to fix your online reputation you might think about getting some help.  The Internet is without a doubt the largest communication system the world has ever seen.  Those who use it number in the billions.  Its expanse is slowly taking over the known communication industries one by one.  We can now for example, watch TV over the net, talk on the phone and listen to the radio without going through local utility companies.

To navigate this labyrinth of websites, blogs and social networks you need to understand the ins and outs of this industry.  There are agencies to approach to obtain assistance for such a large task.  Reputation.com and other similar sites offer services to sort out any issues arising.

It takes a lot of skill and understanding of the Internet to turn a damaged reputation around.  Likely, your image was tarnished very gradually.  You weren’t aware of when the first blog about your business appeared online and they likely had time to carefully undermine your name.  You will need to work strategically and quickly to undo the damage they have had time to build.

By undertaking on your behalf a complete review and instigating affirmative action, your name and tarnished reputation can be cleared rapidly.

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