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In earlier days, there has been numerous number of times when my mobile balance has gone down to zero and call gets disconnected automatically while talking something very important to my friend or colleague. At that time, there used to be only one mobile recharge shop in the whole area where I used to live. Thanks to the online recharge websites which has given the facility of getting our mobiles recharged from anywhere and anytime. This helps us to keep connected to our friends and family. One such online recharge website is MobiKwik, an Indian online recharge company started its operations in the year 2009. After its launch in 2009 to till date, they have been really doing good in the field of online mobile recharge and online bill payments.

Some of the popular mobile recharges they offer are Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance, Docomo and Airtel recharge which can be done in a single click using MobiKwik wallet.

MobiKwikA glance at MobiKwik Services:-

#1- Mobile Recharge

One of the core areas of MobiKwik business is Mobile Recharge and they are really very good at this service. You can get your mobile topped or recharged in matter of just few clicks. Some of the leading service providers

#2- TV Recharges(DTH)

Get your Television DTH service recharged online at MobiKwik at just few clicks or few seconds, if you have uploaded the money in the MobiKwik wallet. They also have some offers and discounts which you can avail at other shopping websites.

#3- Data Card Recharge

For past 1 year, Data cards have become quite popular in the country with millions of users. Now you can get your data card recharged in few simple steps using MobiKwik mobile app or MobiKwik website.

#4- Online Bill Payments

Now you can easily pay your Landline/Electricity/Insurance/Gas bills online at the comforts of just sitting at your home using MobiKwik.

Some of the unique features of MobiKwik that will make you recharge you’re mobile next time at MobiKwik:

#1- Recharge your mobile as fast as at just a click, using MobiKwik wallet. I can assure you that, using MobiKwik wallet you can recharge your mobile fast and hassle free.

#2- If you prefer to use MobiKwik wallet payments for all your recharges. Then there is no payment gateways to disturb you while getting your mobile recharged.

#3- Recharge & Pay bills on the go, using MobiKwik mobile app. Mobikwik online recharge makes it much more easy to pay all your important bills from anywhere and anytime.

#4- Three different easy ways to get your mobile recharged. Recharge online, recharge via SMS and recharge from anywhere using MobiKwik apps

#5- Use MobiKwik Wallet to pay at the Merchant Partners – in their mobile apps or websites at just a click.

#6- All the transactions carried out at MobiKwik are safe and secure.

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