Make a Free Facebook Cover for Your Android Device

It’s easy to navigate friends Facebook Timeline and have a positive or negative reaction to the cover as well as Facebook picture that they have presented, however, it’s much harder to create imagery that makes your friends and family have a positive reaction to your Facebook Cover.

Due to the sheer size of it, the cover on your Facebook profile is the most dominant aspect of your profile and conveys the social message that you wish it to either through your selection of art work.

But what if you want to make your Facebook cover on your Android mobile phone? What then?!

Make a Cover With Out Having To Install An App

Well, there is an interesting application titled Make a Cover for Facebook that claims to have the solution. Well, I call it an application but the truth is that it’s not exactly an Android app in the traditional sense since it’s programmed in something called HTML5 which means that you don’t need to head on over to the Google Play Market place and install an app. Instead you just need to head on over to their website using any browser on the Android phone, and you can use the app on screen in your browser.


There are some people that would suggest that given that this solution isn’t an “app” it’s less useful, however, given that you are unlikely to want to change your Facebook Cover on a daily or weekly basis – there isn’t much point in paying out for an Android App for this specific purpose or using up valuable space on your disc drive.

The Facebook Cover maker provided by this online app is free, and whilst it as mentioned above is compatible with your Android mobile phone as it is based on browser technology it will work independently of the platform which you are using. As soon as your design is complete, click a button in the bottom left hand corner to apply your cover design it to your Facebook profile.

Perhaps one of the most useful features about this app is that although it does indeed create a special Facebook cover for you based on your selection choices, is that it’s not fiddly in that you don’t paint with your fingers on your touch screen – instead you just click on the options and create a Facebook cover as you desire. The result of this click by click selection process is that you can create a Facebook cover quite easily on your phone rather than labouring for hours on an interface that is perhaps far from ideal.

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