iPhone Tracking Software: Why Digital Workplace Safety Should Matter To Employers?

In the last decade, technology has transformed our workplace including the ways to monitor employees. There are many production and cost related benefits of using newer technologies to identify and address employee misconduct.

With increased risks and better monitoring tools nurturing simultaneously, monitoring has become an essential norm of every workplace.

A New Era

With the advent of smartphones and BYOD (Bring your own device) culture at office, managers have to resort to monitoring tools and iPhone tracking software to ensure digital workplace security. There are many reasons why managers should proactively monitor employees. Let’s discuss them briefly.

Reasons for Surveillance and Monitoring At Workplace

Workplace robberies, mishaps, violence and other safety issues are encouraging employers to make use of monitoring tools to reduce the damages and liabilities related with an unmonitored workplace. With smartphone monitoring, managers can enhance their deterrence and responsiveness to office anomalies.3Around 80 percent of the digital crimes take place from within the organization. So it provides a strong reason for employers to monitor employees.

A decade ago, financial losses related to data breaches were very high. For example in 2002, the top 26 average losses totaled to$170 million each. But recent developments have revealed that data losses to big companies are not as high as the smaller ones. And some studies even show that it might actually be
more expensive to prevent losses than to let them happen. For example, if a company has to install a $10 million piece of technology to prevent a $1 million fraud, who would like to go for monitoring?

Therefore, we believe that there is a need to look into more unconventional ways to monitor employees. IOS monitoring app can be used very effectively for startups and small-scale corporations, as something like XNSPY can monitor an employee for just $8.33/month. Yes that’s right folks! If you can monitor your workplace with just a few hundreds of dollar, who would want to spend millions for doing the same?

What is XNSPY?

XNSPY is a smartphone monitoring app that is unlike your other sophisticated IT tools. It wouldn’t tell you what exactly what other advanced security tools can; it’s more like a quirky way to get into your employees’ digital lives. There is a lot that can be revealed about the employees, just by looking at their smartphone activity. This facet of employee monitoring has its benefits. No.1—your monitoring expenses will never ever exceed the resulting cost savings.4With this app, you can track phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and even calendar entries of your employees. An important thing to be noticed here is that an app like

XNSPY won’t save your company against external threats. Instead, this app will make sure that no data theft takes place because of your employees’ carelessness or due to their sinister intentions of making some extra money. You can also track your employees’ GPS location, view IM chats, or multimedia from the gallery with this iPhone tracking software.

Apps like XNSPY are not substitutes to the sophisticated and specialized monitoring tools but they are a definitely a great way for new companies to keep tracks on their employees.

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