How VOIP Has Continued to Advance

VOIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, really began to hit the market in mass numbers in 2004. Today the popularity of this great technology has really caught a lot of momentum, especially for business use. Business owners of all sizes are find tremendous savings in using VOIP as their method of communication.

The technology for business use has vastly expanded during the past few years as well. There are several key areas of development and improvement that that really help this technology take off in the business community. Below is a listing which highlights some of the advantages of VOIP for business.

#1-The number one advantage is call clarity. When the technology was first being developed the calls were not all that clear. In fact they sounded kind of tinny. Today the technology has advanced so much that calls have the same clarity as traditional methods of communication.

#2-A second main benefit of using VOIP for business is portability. When the technology was in its infant stages it was not very easy and nearly impossible to port an existing phone number to the new VOIP device. This meant losing the existing business telephone number in order to make the switch.

#3-Another major advantage of using VOIP for business communications, especially for those with business dealings outside of their current area code is the advantage of free long distance. Since the calls go over the data lines there is no additional charge for making calls to anywhere in the nation. And some plans even allow free calls to anywhere in the world.

#4-There are many promotional methods offered by the leading VOIP companies. One of these promotional methods which is very beneficial to all businesses is a free toll free number. Now not only can businesses make free long distance calls but customers from anywhere in the nation can call the business for free.

#5-Another benefit of having VOIP as the way of communication for businesses is the messaging system. There are now options available that can handle a call center of any size and even incorporate multiple extensions for a single incoming toll free line. Businesses can have a complete calling system for a fraction of the price that they had to pay in the past.

#6-Some VOIP services even offer voice to text services. There is no more need to spend valuable time listening to voicemail messages. They can be transcribed into an email. Business can now sift through and return voicemails much faster and increase productivity.

Over-all, the advancement of VOIP technology has really leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Business can continue to grow without the additional burden of extra costs for communication and call handling. Business just pay a flat fee each month. Customers can reach businesses with greater ease and thus help to increase sales. All of this without really adding too much more in overall costs. Plus, the best thing about VOIP is that it is continuing to get cheaper and cheaper.

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