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Converters are the best tools when you’ve to work with different programs simultaneously for editing videos and doing that kind of jobs. Have you found video converters to be clumsy, slow and annoying enough not to support all the files? You might have gone through the same process as we did. Some converters looked amazing but lacked in their quality. They’re very impatient to take the money out of your wallet but couldn’t give you the proper service.

Very few video converters have proved worthy of themselves and Aimersoft’s video converter is one of them. You can work with many types of files when you’re working with this amazing video converter. When you’re working with video editors, Aimersoft can become your sole assistant in converting the files you need. You can sit back or work in any other file while this program does its job efficiently and quickly. Some video converters take a huge time and make you the wrong coding but Aimersoft doesn’t work like that. It works the way you want it to be. You can convert multiple files at the same time and convert different files like AVI, MPG, MTS, MP4, FLV, AVCHD, VOB, MOD, MOV etc. You’ve the liberty of converting any file to any kind of output file by keeping the same ratio and output along the period.

If you work with camcorders then you are familiar with MOD files. Certain types of camcorders like JVC camcorder works with MOD files. Very few software detect this file and help to work like a charm. If you’re one of those who want to convert MOD files then Aimersoft might be your best companion. Let’s look at the procedure of working with MOD files and convert them with the help of our Aimersoft Video Converter.

#1- First, you’ll need to go our website and download our product from the product page. It will take few minutes to download and install. Once it’s installed you’re ready to go.
#2- If you want to edit your MOD files before converting them, you’ve the privilege to do that too. You’ll need to open Windows Movie Maker and add Video under the menu “Movie Task”. Once you’ve added the video, you can work with MOD files and start to create your own movie.

mod editing
#3- If you want to make a DVD of your camcorder’s MOD files, then converting them is the best option. To do that open Aimersoft and add the MOD files by clicking add task under the file menu. Or else, you can drag the certain file and drop it to Aimersoft to get things done more quickly.

Video Coverter1
#4- Aimersoft supports all kinds of popular media files. So, converting the file depends on what type of file you want. Just click on settings and select the file type and other things necessary.
#5- After all have selected just hit the “Convert” button to start converting easily.

If you find any problem, feel free to contact us anytime.

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