Forward SMS and Call Info to your Gmail Account from your Android Smartphone

Today Android Market provides tons of apps every month but all the apps are not best and user friendly. Few apps are good to use and few aren’t.One of the best app which i have come across today is the SMS2Gmail Android App. What does it do exactly? This app can collect all your mobile information and re direct to your Gmail account. By this way you can access your mobile Info whenever you go online, when you don’t have your mobile with you or in a case where you want to back up your mobile info.


SMS2Gmail Android App

SMS2Gmail is an android app which lets you to automatically forward SMS and Missed call information to your Gmail account.One of the best feature of this SMS2Gmail android app is that you can activate this app remotely means you can activate it from any other device than your own.This app also sends the name and phone number of the SMS sender to your Gmail account automatically.

SMS2Gmail is very useful to persons who wants to keep track of all the messages and missed calls in their phone.Using this app is very simple,Just take an example you have left your phone at home and you want to see the missed calls and SMS you have got in your phone at your office.Just send an SMS from your friends phone or an webtext to your phone and activate the service instantly.You can use the below link to download it absolutely for free.

Download Link: SMS2Gmail App

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