Best Android Apps For Five Popular Genres

There are so many app games available at this point that it’s almost difficult to count the categories, let alone the individual games. But certain categories make up a bigger portion of the app stores than others, and sometimes the most effective way to narrow down the seemingly endless selection is to go by category […]

Nintendo Officially Bringing Games to Mobile Devices

In a move that aims to increase revenue, and therefore satisfy the needs of investors, gaming giant Nintendo announced that they’re officially entering the mobile gaming market. The news arrived this past Tuesday, March 17 as part of a joint press conference with mobile company DeNA, who will work alongside Nintendo in developing the titles. […]

Top 5 Android Games For 2014

We’ve written before about many of the outstanding gaming experiences available for Android gaming. And with new games being developed and released constantly, there is always something new to try! So far in 2014 we’ve already seen the release of some excellent new gaming apps. On top of that, there are even a few older […]

Android Spying With A Christmas Delight

It can safely be said that Android is the most widely used platform for smartphones these days. It has come and successfully taken over the market. So, it is not wrong to assume that anxious parents and worried employees are desperately looking for an incredible Android spy app that unveils all mysteries for them. StealthGenie Is Extraordinary […]

World Of Cheese – Amazing Colorful Android Game

World Of Cheese an android game that you’d love to play daily on your smartphone. This game offers much more than other android games which you have been playing for a while on your smartphone. I’ll welcome you to a world of cheese, where you’ll meet Mr. Mousey, a unique member from the huge mice […]

Top 5 Android Racing Games 2013[Paid]

These days android platform has reached to an extreme level where in every 5 men or women 4 uses android operating system. This clearly shows how android has successfully made consumers attract towards it with unique features and applications. Google Play has lots of android games for android smartphone which can easily make your free […]

App Store or Android market, Which One Has The Best Games?

When choosing between the Appstore and Android Market, it’s hard to say which has the best games because they both have most of the same games. All of the most popular games that become the bestselling apps are always available in both stores; however, they are usually free on android and come for a small […]