Download Your Favorite Videos On Your Android Smartphone

Are you a big fan of videos? Do you love watching videos on your android smartphone but you’re unable to download them on your android enabled smartphone? Then, no need to worry. You’re on the right article to learn how to download any video on your android smartphone. Well, downloading your favorite videos on your […]

Viber Launch Latest App For Android

Multi-format message app Viber has announced its biggest service overhaul to date, introducing new versions of its app for Android, iOS and desktop. According to reports in Engadget, the new suite of Viber apps combines the launch of the first desktop interface for the service with a refresh of the existing feel and functionality designed […]

Top 5 Android Racing Games 2013[Paid]

These days android platform has reached to an extreme level where in every 5 men or women 4 uses android operating system. This clearly shows how android has successfully made consumers attract towards it with unique features and applications. Google Play has lots of android games for android smartphone which can easily make your free […]

App Store or Android market, Which One Has The Best Games?

When choosing between the Appstore and Android Market, it’s hard to say which has the best games because they both have most of the same games. All of the most popular games that become the bestselling apps are always available in both stores; however, they are usually free on android and come for a small […]

Best 5 Travel Apps for Android Smartphones

There is an intense competition in the market. Hence, it stands out to be quite a herculean task to select the best of “travel apps”. However, as you read the following article, you are going to arm yourself with the best of information. Hence, you will be able to choose in the easiest possible manner, […]

FxGuru – Best Special Effects Android App For Movie Makers

Do you love hollywood sci-fi movies? Are you great fan of special effects and wanna make your own special effects movies? If your answer is yes,then you need to checkout the best special effects app FXGuru on android play store.This special effects app can take your movie making skills to next level and you’d love […]

Swiftkey3 : The Smartest Touchscreen Keyboard App for Android

If you are looking for the best time-saving app to keep track of all your stuff, Swiftkey3 Keyboard is here. Swiftkey3 is an app which shines on Play Store as one of the top keyboard apps and the only app which can unlock your typing potential. Sounds brilliant! Let’s see what’s new in this new […]

Best 4 Valentine’s Day Apps For Android Smartphones(Samsung)

Everyone loves to stay connected with whom they love and care,so today we have got you the Best 4 Valentine’s Day apps for your android smartphone which will keep you attached with your love.People always keep searching for romantic words,dating tips,love messages and love quotes to send it to their loved ones and show them […]

Five Methods to View PowerPoint on Any Android Devices

By far, Android is the most used operating system on hand held devices such as mobiles,smartphones and tablets. While on one hand, iOS has been used on only a handful few devices of Apple like iPad 2, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch, Android has been used as the operating system in thousands of devices worldwide […]

Protect Your Kids By Keeping A Track Of Their Mobile Activity

Worried about your child’s mobile phone activity and do you think of keeping a track on their online & offline activites? Then you shouldn’t waste your time just go and get a good mobile phone spy software that can easily keep track of your kid’s smartphone or cell phone activity on daily basis so that […]