Best Android Apps For Five Popular Genres

There are so many app games available at this point that it’s almost difficult to count the categories, let alone the individual games. But certain categories make up a bigger portion of the app stores than others, and sometimes the most effective way to narrow down the seemingly endless selection is to go by category and pick the best title for each type of gaming.

That’s what I’ll seek to do in this article, specifically in the following five major categories: action, puzzle, casino, trivia, and role playing.

Action: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In most instances, console video games’ app versions are little more than advertisements for the bigger versions. But rest assured, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a full-fledged GTA game for your mobile device, and the concept works shockingly well.’s list of games actually shows they’ve done more on mobile than most people recognize, which may be why this miniature version of San Andreas feels so polished. It’s a big, beautiful app working with the same non-stop action and open-world concept as the larger GTA games.

Puzzle: The Room Three

Fireproof Games really has something going with its “The Room” concept, which is now comprised of three titles. The Room Three just came out this fall, and it may be the biggest and best experience of the bunch. Each game is a twist on “escape the room” scenarios, but it’s the meticulous detail of the visuals and the haunting intrigue of the story that sets these games apart. The Room Three is challenging but not to the degree that you’ll need to rely on hints or walkthroughs, and it’s one of the few puzzle games that feels like more than just a puzzle.

Casino: Gala Bingo

The casino genre is a pretty hard one to get through if you’re looking for a standout game. Most of the selections employ some sort of cartoon casino drawing, and they’re all filled with a collectively dizzying onslaught of bells and whistles. But this app is effectively a mobile version of, and as such it’s a cleaner and more straightforward casino game. Bingo’s the main focus, but there are other games available, and the whole thing just comes across a little more seriously than most other apps in the genre.

Trivia: Trivia Crack

There are tons of different trivia apps, and to an extent your favorite might depend on what sort of trivia you like to answer. But Trivia Crack is among the best of them at actually being a game, and not simply a list of trivia questions. We’ve already written an in-depth post about it here.

Role Playing: Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

I’ll start by saying that like most RPG games, Galaxy Of Heroes does tempt you to spend money on in-app purchases. But if you can get past that little annoyance, it’s a wonderful game, particularly on the eve of a new Star Wars film. The gameplay is fairly standard as you’ll be collecting and improving heroes to assemble your best possible teams for battle. However, the selection of iconic Star Wars characters and locations and the detail with which it’s all presented make this a noteworthy app.

Each category listed above includes other enjoyable gaming options. That being said, if you occasionally get tired of scrolling through the app stores’ selections, these ideas can save you some time. test test

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