5 Best Travel Apps For Windows Phone

Want to know the 5 best travel apps for windows phone? If yes, then read the following article in detail:-


Thanks to TripIt, you will easily be able to keep a check on your travel plans along with ensuring the names of flight as well as confirmation numbers. Hence, due to this app, you will be able to have the convenience of arming yourself with the detailed places of your itinerary. One of the highlights of the application is that it syncs with your calendar, thereby easing you even further as well.

Kayak Mobile

Are you looking to reserve a birth in your flights or hotel room? If yes is your answer, then you should not worry at all. Since, thanks to this app, you do not have to worry even an inch. You can make reservations instantly with the help of this app. This app helps you to get to know the most comprehensive booking sites on the web. Apart from that, there is also going to be price alerts on your phone. Hence, in this way, you are assured of the fact, that you are not going to miss any deal. Thanks to the tracker, you are equally going to keep yourself abreast with the information of the flight along with the packing list. You do not have to shell any thing for using the app. Great, isn’t it?


Now, you do not have to face last minute inconvenience or problems due to flight updates, since this app will ease you. Just by shelling $5, you will be able to arm yourself with complete information regarding the seat availability, delay times, gate changes along with the baggage claim locations. If you pay 10$ for the Pro-version, you will get the alerts for flight delays as well for the gate changes. You can sync the app with TripIt as well.


If you do not know where to head out from the airport, this app is going to do wonders for you. During the time when there are long layovers or unexpected delays, through this app, you are going to know the food and shopping options in all the terminals.

Oanda Currency Converter

Looking to know the best exchange rate? If yes, then you need to be cheerful and happy like never before. Thanks to this app, you are able to get the luxury of comparing dollars with whopping 190 countries of the world. Hence, you are able to know the exchange rate which you are going to get on your credit card purchases as well as AM withdrawals. Hence, in this way, you are going to be eased a lot. Thus, you have nothing to worry in the process.

Hence, you do not have to undergo any sort of inconvenience or problems in the process since you know that you are going to be dealt in the best possible manner as well.

Finally, aforesaid are the 5 Best Travel Apps for windows phone as it is going to ease you a lot.

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