Apple drops patent claims against new Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Smartphone

The war between the two smartphone giants Apple and Samsung is going on regarding the Patent infringement case of many Samsung Galaxy smartphones.When the year 2012 comes to an end Apple drops patent claims against the new smartphone Samsung SIII Mini.Samsung SIII Mini comes loaded with Android  OS(Jelly Bean [4.1]),4-inch display,5 Megapixel camera and 16GB internal memory. According to Reuters, Apple has dropped its patent infringement case against the new product Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.Apple Inc,the leader of the smartphone market with its popular product iPhone.Last month Apple had asked Samsung to add its new product Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini and some other Samsung products which includes several Samsung tablet models to its list of  patent infringement products and devices.Apple had disclosed the agreement in a written statement(filing) in U.S.District Court in San Jose,California on Friday.The new Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini smartphone is priced at 349$.




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