App Store or Android market, Which One Has The Best Games?

When choosing between the Appstore and Android Market, it’s hard to say which has the best games because they both have most of the same games. All of the most popular games that become the bestselling apps are always available in both stores; however, they are usually free on android and come for a small price on Apple.This can be quite annoying for Apple owners because although they are willing to pay for the quality that the app store provides, having the best developers etc, often the games are exactly the same, the only difference is the price. For example, right now, 8 ball pool is the number one top paid app on the iTunes app store for 69 pence, but you can get it for free on the android market. Although it’s a small price to pay for the app, it can soon add up when you start to realise just how many of the same apps you are paying for are free over on Android.


Online casino and mobile casino is a very popular arena in gaming right now, which is why it’s interesting that Google have decided not to allow real money gambling apps on the Android market. You can only play casino games for fun, whereas on the iTunes app store, you can easily access a wide range of casino games both for free and for a price. They come with an age restriction, however it is difficult to keep track of who is accessing the casino games and whether they are under-age or not which is why Google have opted out.

Although you can still easily download android casino apps directly from casino websites like, it is still something that Apple has over Android because it can offer special welcome bonuses that are only available to Apple customers and special promotions. Poker, online slots and blackjack have proved to be extremely popular casino games that have managed to translate both online and in mobile formats. Developers have quickly created versions especially for Android and Apple to keep up with the growing market of virtual casino goers.

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